Saturday, March 25, 2023

New collective agreement at AvisBudget

AvisBudget's 30 workers agreed to a five-year collective agreement this past weekend. "The negotiating committee, composed of Steve Sobol...
Christian Dubois, Secretary-Treasurer, Teamsters Local Union 931

Proud to be a Teamster and to follow in my father’s footsteps!

Dear Members, August 26, 2022 was an important day for me and my family. The Executive Board of Local...
Pierre-André Blanchard, Teamsters

Pierre-André Blanchard Appointed President of Local Union 931

The slogan "Strength in numbers" has never been more relevant and true than now. This is what will guide my presidency and the actions of the entire Local Union 931 team in the years to come...

The Teamsters Union is

35 000
members in Québec.
125 000
members in Canada.
1,4 million
in North America
  • A union affiliated with the most powerful labour federation in Quebec: FTQ (600,000 members).
  • The most powerful union in North America.
  • A serious union, established for over 100 years.

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