A long saga at Buanderie Jolicoeur finally comes to an end


Last January 7, a member of Local Union 931 was finally reinstated in his position of delivery driver with Jolicoeur, thus marking the end of an interminable legal battle.

It all began in October 2005 when the employee was dismissed without cause. Teamsters (QFL) Local Union 931 refused this injustice and therefore filed an arbitration application.

After a four-day hearing, the arbitrator agreed with Jolicoeur and upheld the dismissal.

Local Union 931 considered this decision absurd, irrational and completely unreasonable. It therefore decided to appeal the decision with the Superior Court. At the end of a difficult process, the court agreed with the Union and concerned member and quashed the arbitrator’s decision.

The rest of the history is memorable. A new arbitrator was then appointed during a new hearing. After a three-day hearing, the arbitrator came to the conclusion that the employee had been honest, upright and very conscientious and ordered that the dismissal be overturned and the employee reinstated.

It is in this particular context that the employee—accompanied by a representative of Teamsters Local Union 931—nevertheless proudly showed up for work on January 27, after a dispute between the parties that had lasted more than 27 months. On the union side, people were all smiles. Needless to say that this wasn’t the case on the employer’s side…

The Union’s officers and business agents wish to congratulate the concerned member for his perseverance and determination.



Stéphane Lacroix, Director of Public Relations
Cell: 514-609-5101
Email: slacroix@teamsters.ca