UPDATE # 12 – Purolator Negotiations


Brothers and Sisters,

The latest offer that is being unanimously recommended for acceptance by your National Negotiating Committee will be mailed to all members on August 2.

Please check your mail. You can cast your vote anytime from Wednesday, August 10 at 8 pm ET to Thursday, August 25 at 10 am ET. 

The ballots will be counted August 25th at 10:00 am Eastern time.

If you have not received a voting package with instructions on how to vote by August 12, please call the voting company at 1-888-281-8683 to receive a replacement package. Help desk hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 8 am ET to 6 pm ET.

If you were not on the list please leave your name, address and Local Union number and your request will be verified by your local union for membership standing. If you do not have a voting package in handand the voting finish date is fast approaching, you can get your information and PIN number to vote by calling the help desk at the number above during hours of operation and then vote by internet or phone. 

To review the entire voting document please go to teamsters.ca/PurolatorOffer. This offer was made available by your solidarity with the previous strike vote and most recent rejection of the company’s final offer.

If this offer is rejected, the 72-hour strike notice will be issued without delay.

This important decision requires your utmost attention and participation to conclude this recommended agreement.

In solidarity,

François Laporte
President of Teamsters Canada

Richard Eichel
Director, Parcel Division, Teamsters Canada