Saturday, May 18, 2024

About Us

We’re a trade union representing thousands of Quebec workers. Our goal has always been simple: to use our collective power to create equality, security, and fair opportunities in the workplace so our members can continue working and providing essential services for all.

Over the years, Local 931 has welcomed workers from the following industries into its fold: laundry, car rental, car and truck repair, fruit and vegetable wholesale, sports centres, wholesale hardware, heavy machinery, janitorial, laboratories, food, refrigeration, locksmithing and safes, foodservice, recycling, construction, quarries, giant cranes, and insurance. And, of course, the general transportation sector can be broken down into transportation, local transportation, movers, cash services, courier and small parcels, oil, petroleum, gravel, asphalt, sand, cement, meat, molasses, etc. Teamsters Quebec Local Union 931 members work in all of these sectors.

A union allows all workers to have a voice in the workplace. It helps ensure access to a fair and safe working environment. By protecting your rights and working conditions, unions allow you to have better jobs and a more comfortable lifestyle.