Saturday, May 18, 2024

Our Services

1. Organizing

A permanent organizer facilitates unionization and answers workers’ questions.

We all deserve respect in the workplace, but in Quebec, you can’t organize in just any old way. Our experts will make sure that your workplace is unionized in accordance with the rules, and as quickly as possible.

2. Union representation

A permanent Business Agent is assigned to each company and is in responsible for negotiating collective bargaining agreements and member services afterwards. The members of each company appoint one or more Shop Stewards.

The workers of a unionized company also select a spokesperson from their ranks to defend, unite and keep them informed. The spokesperson represents the workers before the employer on a daily basis.

3. Collective bargaining agreement negotiation

Experienced Business Agents lead the negotiations for the initial collective bargaining agreements and subsequent renewals.

Our union takes care of negotiating your salary increases, employee benefits, pension fund, working conditions, and much, much more. And we are very good at what we do: all the studies show that unionized workers earn, on average, more money than non-unionized workers.

4. Legal services

A permanent Local Union lawyer takes care of grievances, arbitration, certifications and matters involving the Ministry of Labour (provincial and federal), as well as a legal team from Teamsters Joint Council 91.

As a member of Teamsters Quebec Local Union 931, you have preferred access to the best labour lawyers in Quebec. Never again will you be powerless in the face of injustices at work. Our lawyers also help with Workers’ Compensation Board (CSST) or Employment Insurance problems.

5. Special services

We offer employee benefits advisors, a group insurance plan, a pension plan, and a wellness program.

6. Strike pay

These benefits apply to everyone, whether you are a worker or a member.

As a last resort, we have a strike fund that can help support you and your family during labour disputes. Our strike fund is managed by Teamsters Canada, which means that over 120,000 workers from across the country will have your back during your strike or lockout.

Please feel free to contact our recruiter or your Business Agent for additional information.