Pierre-André Blanchard Appointed President of Local Union 931

Pierre-André Blanchard, Teamsters
Pierre-André Blanchard, president of Teamsters Local Union 931

My friends,

On August 26th, I was honoured to be entrusted with the presidency of Local Union 931. However, I can’t help but remember my first day as an employee of Local Union 931 in December 1992. As a young lawyer, I was greeted by a team of very competent and dedicated union staff. At that time, I quickly understood that the members were at the heart of all Teamster actions and decisions and I was delighted because I shared that philosophy.

In fact, I know that I am very lucky. Throughout its 61 years of existence, Local Union 931 has been made up of pioneers who have built a strong and influential union: Pierre Deschamps, Richard Charruau, Gerry Boutin and Richard Lamoureux are all legendary leaders that I will be drawing inspiration from in the months and years to come. These remarkable unionists have been tireless advocates for the membership and I am committed to continuing this tradition of excellence.

Having said that, I think it is important to mention that we are facing unprecedented challenges right now: pandemic, inflation, labour shortages, insecurity due to armed conflict, mental health issues, etc., are all issues that we need to pay attention to, in addition to doing our regular work as unionists.

This leads me to say that I am absolutely convinced that, more than ever, unions are essential to improving the conditions of their members, of all workers, but also to the progress of society as a whole.

The slogan “strength in numbers” has never been more relevant and true than now. This is what will guide my presidency and the actions of the entire Local Union 931 team in the years to come.

I look forward to shaking your hand soon!

In solidarity,

Pierre-André Blanchard
Local Union 931